Requests is currently looking for the following samples, thought to be used in the conflict in Syria:

# Hash (MD5) Filename Links
1 ? important.rar
2 00cc589571fa6e078cb92b34ea2ee1cc ?
3 2ba789458781b1dfd7f34624c8410edb ?
4 59c6e0fa61d62a1f52b6092dc92a4aa7 رأي الشيخ عدنان العرعور بالإئتلاف الوطني السوري.zip
5 61a26c391aa95084521f5c0f6f70b966 G.php
6 b083418be502162a4e248faab363f1b9 fg735p.exe
7 b3e1c2e40be54fbc0f7921ea8ce807e2
8 f8bfb82aa92ea6a8e4e0b378781b3859 slideshow.exe
9 499d9bb81a79359523c9e6ef05f1b0d0 google.exe

Please send samples to contact [at] syrianmalware [dot] com. PGP key here.